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No experience is truly complete without an enjoyable meal.
Grab a quick bite or delight in savouring your favorite dish;
there’s something delicious for everyone!

Delight your tastebuds

whatsapp-image-2024-02-02-at-00-09-23 Fast Food

Blu Express

From juicy burgers to fan-favorite dishes, Blu Express offers a variety of choices to please your tastebuds!
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rest-18-min Casual Dining


Calabar brings you a delicious variety of colorful dishes and tropical drinks in a laid-back setting with cool vibes!
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icecreamconeonabluebackground-thewomanholding Kiosk

Sunrise Kiosk

The Kiosk is where you can get all day snacks and treats to fuel your energy and enjoyment, including candies, chips, ice cream, and fun fuzzy drinks!
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